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What Should I Put on My Baby Shower Registry? - Upstate New York Professional Newborn Photographer

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Do you have your baby shower coming up but are completely lost at what to include on the registry? Look no further, I'm here to help! From clothes to diapers, I've compiled a list of my top newborn essentials. I've left off the bigger accessories (strollers, cribs, changing tables, carseats, highchairs etc.) as there are so many great options out there and they are hard to forget about! This blog post focuses on the smaller items many new moms accidentally leave out of their registry. The list in constantly updating! Please come back later for updates.

- For the Nursery -


Blankets / Swaddles

Bedding / Changing Supplies


- For the Bathroom -

- Feeding Time -

- On The Go -

Skip Hop Portable Changing Pad $30 on Skip Hop Comes in a variety of colors and designs!

Petunia Pickle Bottom Mickey Mouse Diaper Bag $159.90 at Boxed Lunch

Kyte Baby Carseat Cover $35 on Kyte Baby Comes in a variety of colors and designs!

- Subscriptions / Gift Certificates -

Other things to consider when planning your registry:

- Purchase clothing for the first year, not just the first month! You'll be surprised how quickly your baby sizes out of their little outfits! Make sure you prepare by have sizes from newborn through 12 months.

- Your baby's clothing size most likely won't be equal to the sizes you see in the store. When estimating what size your baby will wear, go for double their age (at 3 months, estimate they will wear 6 months, and so on).

- Zippers are a parent's best friend! No one wants to fiddle with a bunch of tiny buttons at 3am. Go for zippered pajamas and onesies whenever possible.

- Little baby feet kick socks and shoes right off. If you're worried about baby's feet getting cold, dress them in footed-pants and one pieces!

- If using disposable diapers, ask for / buy diapers in many sizes! You'll need tons of diapers and your baby will quickly size out of their diapers. Don't wait until your baby no longer fits in them, have larger size diapers ready when you need them!

- Another thing to add to your registry: food gift cards! The last thing you'll want to do after having a baby is make food. Ask your family and friends to bring gift cards to your favorite restaurants for a quick and easy dinner option!

-Don't fall for the gimmicks! Your baby doesn’t need every new toy and fancy outfit you can find. In reality, your baby will be entertained by household objects, and fancy outfits will be pooped and spit-up on. Purchase the items your need, while silently smiling and nodding at your mom friends who show you their brand-new

*Prices may vary. This blog post is in no way affiliated with Amazon or any other companies listed above.

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